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Sponsors and Equipment

  • Triumph Motorcycles - The official site for Hinckley Triumph. See the new models and accessories or find a dealer near you. One of our sponsors through the Norwegian distributor Colbjørnsen AS. PS Nov. 8th 2000: The deal we had with Colbjørnsen terminated when Triumph took over the distribution of their motorcycles in Norway.
  • Mototema AS, Kristiansand, Norway. A motorcycle dealer that supported us with a Corbin saddle to improve comfort for our Pan American trip.
  • Aerostich Riderwearhouse - Located in Duluth, USA, with an online shop, they sell high quality travel gear for motorcycle touring, and were kind to offer us a very decent discount on their products as a part sponsorship to our Pan-Am trip.
  • T.M.-Accessories, German shop for accessories, huge selection of Tiger stuff. The site is in German but you can contact them in english ( Very nice people who gave us a Scottoiler chain lubrication system as a support to our Pan-Am trip.
  • Touratech Motorcycle equipment - Located in Germany and has an online shop, we bought the Zega alumnium cases from them at a reduced price.
  • Chase Harper, makers of every kind of soft and not so soft luggage. Our host in Santa Barbara, Dibblee Hoyt, took us first to Chase, then to Harper. They equipped us with light protective hard bags for the laptop and accessories plus a hide-away bag that fit perfectly as a inner bag for our topbox.
  • Rocket Motorcycels, San Diego, California - Although not a sponsor, they deserve all the customers they can get. They did a complete overhaul of Rocinante and did a extremely professional job. I can highly recommend them for anyone in the area, or anyone going south who wants a last service before entering Mexico. Phone 619-276-2177, Fax 619-276-3261
  • MOTOS BREYMANN S.A. San José, Costa Rica. Specialists in KTM and Triumph, but also with long experience in BMW, these guys were very helpful and thourough in their work on Rocinante. They supported our trip with special rates on all parts we bought, and should definately be plotted on the map of anyone going south. The best workshop I saw after leaving the States. The owner, Oswaldo von Breymann, and his brother speak excellent English. Address: P.O. Box 2733-1000, Avenida 7 Calle 1 Y 3, San José, Costa Rica Telephone: 506 221 2274 Facsimile: 506 233 6952 Email:
  • Ole og Olav Turutstyr AS - A Norwegian camping gear supplier, run by motorcycle riders who sell gear for motorcyclists. They supplied us with a Wolf tent and Wolf light weight sleeping bags to a reduced price, brought to us in Cusco, Peru, so we could finally start camping.

Motorcycle travel

Mailing lists

  • Triumph Tiger Mail list Our main source of information on preparing the bike for longer trips, an excellent little community if you own a Tiger or thikn about buying one. We visited several of the listmembers in the States on our PanAm trip.
  • Offroad Touring Club Mail list - The Norwegian based big dual sport bike club's homepage with mailing list.

Triumph Tiger

  • The Big Blue Cat's Motorcycling Pages - Jeremy Sagar's Tiger page. Very comprehensive information on this bike, and a few good travelouges.
  • The Tigger Trap - Blake Mantels Tiger pages, lots of upgrades in here.
  • Thunderbike Powersports - John Fitzwater's Triumph dealer in New Zealand, makers of crash bars and other protective equipment for the Tiger and Hinckley Triumph in general.

Motorcycle in general

  • NMCU - Norsk motorsykkel union(in Norwegian and English)
  • OTC - Offroad Touring Club - A Norwegian club for owners of big dual sports motorcycles, although not limited to Norwegian members, some information in English as well and a mailing list(mainly in Norwegian).
  • - A comprehensive list of every thinkable motorcycle site.


Nikon Coolpix CP950 Digital camera links


  • Bernt Löf's(and Ullrica's) homepage - Owners of a Honda Varadero and friends from our travels in Spain. Lots of Varadero info on improvements to the wind-turbulence on this, in most other aspects, fantastic bike.

Special places, happenings and people

  • Hostel Sauzal - Maria's place north of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, is a wonderful little hostel. Stop by and meet a fantastic person, and don't forget to eat the included breakfast.
  • Posta del Viajero en Moto - Jorge and his clubmembers in Azul, 300km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers all motorcycle travellers a free stay in their clubhouse. A fantastic place with fantastic people. If you go through the area, don't hesitate to stop here. They can help with contacts and have an excellent garage to work on your bike. Address: Calle Mendoza 685, Azul, Tel 02281-430865 or 15655379 E-mail:
  • PIT - Our local internatioinal Theatre festival.



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